Nov. 3rd, 2005

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Hello and welcome to all our new members.  Thanks so much for joining our community!  We are very grateful to [ profile] katekat1010 and [ profile] laura_isaac for our two lovely banners and our icons.  They will be rotated periodically to add variety to our community.

If you would like to create a banner and icon to add to the rotation, feel free!  Post it under an lj-cut on our community so that we can put it in our memories and take turns showcasing the work.

I think to get things rolling it would be a good idea to pull out some of the previous work our talented members have done.  If you're proud of something you did a while back, please pull it out and show those of us who might not have seen it before!

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In going through my old stuff, I made a discovery. My Giles doesn't get dark often enough. I plan to remedy that soon, I think. :-) At any rate, I hope these fit. Oh - nothing stronger than a mild PG.

Variable Heat - Giles/Ethan )
One Last Hurrah – Giles/Ethan )
The Enabler - Giles/Ethan )
Trust )


Nov. 3rd, 2005 12:26 pm
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I'll share one of my unclaimed graphics in hopes someone might write it. A short while back, I had this urge for a Gilesean crossover with The Crow. As inspiration, I whipped this up to get my creative juices flowin' but it never happened.

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Well here's an old illustration that I made for [ profile] sexymermaid's fic 'Obsession.

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Here are two older Giles drabbles I posted earlier this year.

Loss of Innocence )

Refuge )
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I come bearing gifts.

Well a graphic/banner and a matching icon.  There's a story in here somewhere.  Someone might be inspired to write it ...  :-)

When darkness falls )

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