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In going through my old stuff, I made a discovery. My Giles doesn't get dark often enough. I plan to remedy that soon, I think. :-) At any rate, I hope these fit. Oh - nothing stronger than a mild PG.

Variable Heat

“Why have you come back here?”

Ethan smiled as his Ripper stalked angrily towards him.

Green eyes spit fire. Flames of hate for who Ethan was, shame for who Rupert was when they were together.

Ripper had never lacked for fire. The spark was always there, often hidden but never snuffed.

Ethan’s lips used to bleed when the fire lit Rupert’s eyes. The blood still flowed, but there was no love in the violence anymore.

Passion had flown, but the fire would never die. Ethan still knew how to kindle it.

It had changed color, but Ethan still craved it.

One Last Hurrah

“I’m rather surprised you called, Rupert.”

“False modesty doesn’t become you. You’re the only one for this.”

Ethan grins. “That’s very true.” He looks around the room, taking in the monitors, the wires, the tubes. He shudders. “Did they say how far it’s spread?”

“Far enough.”

“How long?”

“A month. Maybe two.”

“And if you’re away from..." He waves a hand at the machines in the corner “...these?”


“You’re sure about this?”

“Quite. I won’t go like this.” Rupert sighs. “We were so alive.”

“And shall be again. At least for a while. Hurry, Ripper... before the nurse returns.”

The Enabler

He thinks I crave this. He thinks I seek him out just so I can have this. Pain? I can live without it, thanks very much. It's not his fists ripping through my mind as I toss and turn my way through another sleepless night. This is his addiction, not mine. It's very clear to me, if not to him or anyone else. He lives for this. Seeing his eyes get that spark as he comes after me once more. That spark is what I see in the wee hours. The pain is his addiction. Feeding his addictions is mine.


Memories crashed down on him, nearly bringing him to his knees. He stood swaying as flash bulb images of his time with Angelus assaulted his senses.

He's alive.

Buffy explained to him that Angel had returned a while ago. She tried to rationalize her deceit.

He's alive.

Giles stared at his slayer, barely containing the unspeakable hurt that her lies had caused him. He tried to figure out when she'd stopped trusting him. Why hadn't she trusted him enough to tell him that Angel was back? He had no idea.

He did, however, know exactly when he stopped trusting her.

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